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About our group

Virology research-service team assists in the IOCB drug discovery program by providing an in-house BSL3 facility for the screening of antiviral compounds against a variety of viruses and collaborates with other IOCB groups in projects involving viruses. Antiviral screening is currently performed against human immunodeficiency virus, influenza virus, dengue virus, herpes simplex virus, and coxsackievirus. Furthermore, we collaborate with other groups to improve entry of active compounds into cells using liposomal and macrocyclic delivery systems. In addition, we are involved in the search of nanoparticles and nanomaterials with antiviral and virucidal activity. Finally, in our research we are mainly focused on interactions of hepatitis B virus core protein with host cell proteins. In particular, we are interested in the characterization of proteins and cellular pathways involved in (i) epigenetic regulation of transcription, (ii) ubiquitin-proteasome degradation, and (iii) post-translational modifications.